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If you have studied Revelations and Daniel, you have read several books about this, ‘time of sorrows’. So have I. Volumes of publications and books.  

What I found in my research, the most important part of the story, is ignored. What’s missing, is the story of the two last witnesses, sent by God to earth. 

In many books these witnesses are described as two incredibly old men, bearded, dressed in ancient robes, with fire shooting out of their mouths. They play an insignificant part, in most books. 

These witnesses mark the beginning of Tribulation. When these witnesses arrive, they will look like men who live today. They will speak as we do today. They will act as we do today. 

I chose Enoch and Elijah as my fictional end-time witnesses. 

My reasoning for my selection, is reflected in the title, ‘Gentile Witness’. Enoch is not a Jew. There were no Jews, when Enoch who walked with God, lived on earth. Enoch becomes my fictional. last witness, to the Gentiles. 

Elijah is definitely a Jew. He was taken up as Enoch, by God. Elijah is my fictional character, who is the last witness for Israel or Jews.. 

Our next character is the Antichrist. He’s the leader of man’s final Government before the return of Christ, ending with the battle of Armageddon. 

Antichrist simply means, opposite of Christ. 

This brings us to ‘The book of Enoch’ and ‘Genesis’ in the Bible. 

To understand the Bible and the Book of Enoch, you need to research the Emperor Constantine’s convention in Nicene, during the year of 325 AD. 

Few preachers or theologians take the time to tell you the real story of the 1800 Bishops and the Emperors hand, in selecting and accepting the books, of the Bible. 

Reading these stories of ‘The ‘Gnostic's’, and ‘The Heretics’ vs the 1800 Bishops coupled with the Emperor, you begin to unravel a completely different story of the Bible. May change your thoughts concerning  end times., the real players and who they are. You may understand the effect of Constantine, controlling the process. Items like Christmas being at the time of the ‘Roman Winter Festival’, to appease the citizens of Rome. There are many other examples.

Once you read the book of Enoch,  re-read the book of Genesis, It is possible, you will come away with a different view. 

I cover all these topics in my four books, about two witnesses who are men. 

Yes, fire comes out of their mouths in the form of Fire and Brimstone. Similar to revival preacher of times past. These preachers were often described as, they had fire and brimstone come from their mouths with their words. 

You will also learn of the demons who really rule this world. Learn their names and their occupations, at the beginning of mans time. They are real persons alive today and live among us. 

Once again, I nor anyone else knows the exact way the 'time of sorrows' will unfold. Maybe my books are a fresh look, at what could occur. 


Samuel David 

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It has taken nine years to writhe these four volumes. Difficult subject and requires a lot of research. I sincerely hope if you read them you will open your Bibles and form your own opinions. 

God Bless 

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